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RedMatter LLC d.o.o. (PIB: 03342271), Ul VXI br. 2 Budva submitted Request for access to the regulatory Sandbox on 15 February 2021. Capital Market Authority of Montenegro (CMA) passed Decision No. 05/12-124/2-21 granting access to the regulatory Sandbox, at its 142nd session on March 2, 2021.
RedMatter is an open platform for independent content creators, investors and fans from all over the world to collaborate in the creative development, marketing and distribution of digital content (films, video games, VR/AR).
Securitizing digital assets using the RedMatter platform, creators and technology companies issue and sell security tokens to a global pool of investors to finance and market culturally diverse content from around the world to an international audience. This represents a significant innovation for all three sets of stakeholders and is aimed at breaking out of the entrenched studio model.
Name: RedMatter LLC
Registered office address: UL VXI, Br. 2, STAN Br. 5,  Budva, Montenegro
TIN: 03342271
Number of phone/fax:
Date of establishment: 01/21/2021