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Sandbox projects in progress:
CoinMetro d.o.o. (PIB: 03302938, Bulevar Džordža Vašingtona 3/22, Podgorica, Montenegro) submitted Request for access to the regulatory Sandbox on March 23, 2020. Capital Market Authority of Montenegro (CMA) passed Decision No. 05/12-295/3-20 granting access to the regulatory Sandbox at its 104th session on April 27, 2020.
As a participant in the CMA sandbox, CoinMetro will offer services to its clients as a regulated entity holding a MTF and an AIFM license would. The main activities that will be tested are as follows:
  • Granting of credit or a loan to an investor to conduct transactions in tokenised securities;
  • Services related to the guarantee of the offer or issue of tokenised securities;
  • Offering secondary market trading of listed tokenised securities;
  • Offering a derivatives market for tokenised securities (options, futures);
  • Services related to the safe custody of client owned tokenised assets as required by law;
  • Initially handling settlement of tokenised securities transactions in lieu of a proper post-trade option (CSD in the sandbox); and
  • Though not requiring specific licenses we will also look to offer services related to Primary Market Issuances (crowdfunding), as well as the trading of non-regulated tokenised assets such as bitcoin, etherium, etc.
Name: CoinMetro D.O.O Registration # 50922236
Registered office address: Bulevar Dzordza Vasingtona 3/22, Podgorica, Montenegro
TIN: 03302938
Number of phone/fax: +372 53052983
Date of establishment: 02/20/2020
IGNIUM SB d.o.o. (PIB: 03303055), Bulevar George Washington 3/22, Podgorica, submitted Request for Access to the Regulatory Sandbox, on March 27, 2020. Capital Market Authority of Montenegro (CMA) passed Decision No. 05/12-304/3-20 approving access to the regulatory Sandbox at its 104th session on April 27, 2020.
IGNIUM SB vision is to create global capital markets infrastructure where different MTFs and other trading venues can connect so that financial assets become intertradable between different markets where all trades are settled real time. In our opinion, the market is ready and waiting for a regulatory compliant capital markets infrastructure, above all for a CSD, which would need to cater to needs of a new global capital market.
This is how IGNIUM SB achieve the above goal:
1. IGNIUM SB custody and settlement system works on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), where all trades are settled in digital assets (both securities and cash) in real-time and any possibility of settlement failures are therefore eliminated;
2. DLT technology ensures immutability and auditability of the data housed inside the system;
3. Onboarding of investors and issuers happens by opening and owning wallets directly with the CSD without intermediaries, which results in reduced costs and ability to onboard investors and issuers globally (subject to relevant licencing requirements);
4. Having both - money and securities - being on-chain in blockchain makes it possible to monitor the transactions and be compliant while keeping costs reasonable.
Name: Ignium SB D.O.O.
Registered office address: Bulevar, Dzordza Vasingtona BR. 3/22 Podgorica
TIN: 03303055
Company`s registration number is: 50922346
Number of phone: +372 53052983, +372 5017632
Date of establishment: 02/24/2020
RedMatter LLC d.o.o. (PIB: 03342271), Ul VXI br. 2 Budva submitted Request for access to the regulatory Sandbox on 15 February 2021. Capital Market Authority of Montenegro (CMA) passed Decision No. 05/12-124/2-21 granting access to the regulatory Sandbox, at its 142nd session on March 2, 2021.
RedMatter is an open platform for independent content creators, investors and fans from all over the world to collaborate in the creative development, marketing and distribution of digital content (films, video games, VR/AR).
Securitizing digital assets using the RedMatter platform, creators and technology companies issue and sell security tokens to a global pool of investors to finance and market culturally diverse content from around the world to an international audience. This represents a significant innovation for all three sets of stakeholders and is aimed at breaking out of the entrenched studio model.
Name: RedMatter LLC
Registered office address: UL VXI, Br. 2, STAN Br. 5,  Budva, Montenegro
TIN: 03342271
Number of phone/fax:
Date of establishment: 01/21/2021